Advantages of Full or Partial Dentures

For millions of people, a smile is one of the most important traits to a lot of people. Even those who remember to brush and floss daily are still at risk of tooth issues. Gum disease, tooth decay, and physical injuries can all lead to missing teeth. At American Dental Care, we understand how important a smile is to you. Luckily, our full and partial dentures are perfect for those suffering from teeth loss. Here are some of the benefits of getting fitted for a pair of dentures at American Dental Care.

Missing a tooth or multiple teeth can ruin someone’s confidence. Our full or partial dentures can restore any smile back to its original appearance. Don’t let missing teeth stop you from feeling as attractive as possible.

Eat Whatever, Whenever, Wherever
Anyone suffering from missing teeth understands the struggle of not being able to eat all foods. Solid and tough foods are much more difficult to process for anyone with missing teeth. A set of dentures allows you to eliminate the need to be picky when selecting which foods you can enjoy.

Speak Clearly
Anyone who struggles with a lack of teeth can make it difficult for someone to pronounce all of their words correctly. The more teeth someone is missing, the harder it is for them to pronounce words clearly. Our dentures will get you back to speaking clearly in no time.

Build to Last
When getting fitted for dentures at American Dental Care, patients can expect their dentures to be dependable for a long time. While dentures aren’t designed to last a lifetime, a set of dentures are able to last for five to ten years.

Located in Doylestown, PA, we have been able to serve families and residents all across the Greater Philadelphia area. To inquire for more information on our denture services or to see a full list our services, give us a call at 215-348-4041 to schedule a consultation today.

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