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At American Dental Care, our first priority is to maintain your teeth’s health through cleanings, repairs, and other forms of preventative care. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is in your best interest for your teeth to be extracted.

Maybe your tooth has been severely damaged by trauma or decay. Perhaps you’re about to undergo orthodontic treatment, and you don’t have enough space for your adult teeth (a condition known as crowding). Or, your child has a stubborn baby tooth that refuses to go. Maybe you’ve neglected a healthy diet and proper oral care.

By removing the tooth, we can relieve your pain. Then we can explore how to best fill the missing tooth by way of a dental implant, bridge or denture. In the case of a child’s teeth, the extraction will allow the rest of their teeth to grow in how they are meant to.

The dental surgery known as tooth extraction, or removal, is a relatively simple procedure, even though it may sound intimidating. The complexity of this minor surgery depends on the tooth’s location. For example, a front tooth with a single straight root is simpler to remove than a molar further back in the mouth with multiple roots, or a wisdom tooth.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal

An impacted wisdom tooth, below the surface and surrounded by gum tissue, is a common situation in which extraction is recommended. Oftentimes, a wisdom tooth cannot erupt in full due to other teeth obstructing its path. Impacted wisdom teeth usually occur in late teenagers and young adults.

Why Your Wisdom Tooth is Impacted

  • Your jaw might not be large enough to accommodate all of your teeth, preventing your wisdom teeth from emerging from your gums and potentially harming the adjacent bone or teeth.
  • Your wisdom teeth may not be growing in at the correct angle, damaging your other teeth or anatomical structures in your jaw.
  • If your wisdom teeth don’t emerge from your gums, they’re at higher risk of bacterial infection.
  • A cyst can develop around the unerupted wisdom tooth, causing infection and injury to the adjacent bone or nerve tissue.

Undergoing wisdom tooth removal is effective for preventing future problems as well as alleviating multiple dental conditions. If you ignore impacted wisdom teeth or another dental issue, then you may require emergency dental services down the road that are more severe and painful than a regularly scheduled wisdom tooth extraction.

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The Procedure

Although you may not look forward to your tooth extraction, you have nothing to fear, especially when you choose the experienced tooth removal and root canal dentists at our practice.

The first step in extraction is to conduct a radiographic examination (x-ray) to determine the position of the roots as well as the condition of the surrounding bone. This way, we can anticipate potential complications.

The procedure is normally carried out with local anesthesia to numb the teeth, surrounding bone and gum tissue. We may administer additional sedatives such as oral sedatives (pill), nitrous oxide (gas) or conscious sedation administered intravenously. The latter is typically required for more complicated tooth extractions like wisdom tooth removal or multiple tooth extractions.


Once we extract your tooth, the dentist will cover the socket with sterile gauze and gently apply pressure for several minutes to halt any bleeding. We may use small stitches for the same purpose. Experiencing mild to moderate post-operative discomfort or swelling is normal. Take non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin to ease these symptoms. The dentist might also prescribe antibiotics to fight infections. You can also apply ice packs on the outside of your jaw and eat softer foods for a day or two before all is back to normal.

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