How Dental Cleanings Work: The Four Pillars of an Effective Routine Cleaning

As you probably know by now, brushing, flossing, and rinsing alone cannot completely control the buildup of tartar and bacteria that accumulates in your mouth. There’s not much you can do about it — except make regular and routine appointments with your dentist to get your teeth, gums, and mouth professionally cleaned.

At American Dental Care, we understand how important it is to maintain oral healthcare. And we feature the friendly and dedicated specialists to perform your dental surgery in Chalfont, or get your mouth feeling fresh and healthy. Let’s examine the four major pillars of an effective dental cleaning.

  1. Ultrasonic Treatment

This is typically the first stage of a routine cleaning. It utilizes an ultrasonic instrument which uses vibrations — almost like tickles — to knock tartar off your teeth. Along with a fine mist of water, it washes debris from your mouth and emits a humming sound. The settings on this instrument can be adjusted to modify the pressure applied, so let your dentist know if this part of the procedure becomes uncomfortable for you.

  1. Fine Hand Tools

After the large pieces of tartar have been eliminated from your teeth, your dental specialist will switch to smaller hand tools to remove smaller deposits of tartar buildup. These instruments are curved to match the contours of your teeth, and they work by gently applying pressure while scraping them along the tooth surface. Similar to scrubbing grime from a cooking pan, this process will clean the teeth and smooth them.

  1. Polishing

Once the teeth have been cleaned of bacteria and tartar, they need to be polished. This is accomplished by using a handpiece that has a soft rubber cup on its tip which slowly spins. A special paste known as prophylaxis paste, a gritty but harmless substance, is applied to the teeth to leave them shiny, smooth, and dazzling.

  1. Fluoride

At this point, your dentist may also apply fluoride. It’s usually placed in flexible foam trays and placed over the teeth to strengthen them from the acids in bacteria and dental tartar. It’s best not to consume food or drink and refrain from smoking for 30 minutes after the application of fluoride.

Know that you know the benefits and importance of a professional dental cleaning, it’s time to come in an see the amazing results for yourself. At American Dental Care, you’re always welcome to our state-of-the-art facility. Simply call us at 215-348-4041 or fill out this contact form to schedule an appointment for cleaning or dental implant surgery in New Britain.


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