Three Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

The process of getting a root canal is a common one. In fact, millions of teeth are treated using this simple and straightforward procedure every year. Not only do root canals help to relieve pain, but they also restore strength and health to your teeth. Undergoing a root canal treatment helps you maintain your smile, avoid the need for continual dental work and continue to eat your favorite foods.

So if a root canal has all these benefits for oral health, then why does it get such a bad reputation? At American Dental Care, we’re the premier family dentistry in Doylestown, and we want our patients to know the facts about root canals. Let’s examine and dispel some of the prevailing rumors and myths of this popular and helpful treatment.

Doesn’t A Root Canal Hurt?

Decades ago, this may have been the perception, due to an underdeveloped technique and less effective medicines. However, with modern technology and anesthetics, today’s root canals are comparable to getting a filling placed in terms of discomfort. These procedures are virtually painless and have been proven effective for safely removing damaged tissue in the tooth.

I Heard Pulling Out the Tooth is a Better Option Than a Root Canal

If possible, saving your natural teeth is typically the best option for maintaining healthy conditions, for not only your mouth but your entire body. Even with all the state-of-the-art artificial tooth options available these days, there’s simply nothing that can quite replicate your natural tooth.

An artificial implant can cause you pain when eating certain foods, possibly keeping you from enjoying your favorites and even getting the proper nutrition and balance in your diet. Additionally, root canals can last a lifetime and have a much higher success rate compared to dental implants.

Don’t Root Canals Take a Long Time?

Because they’re similar to a routine filling, root canals can generally be completed in one to two appointments, depending on the amount of infection, and other factors regarding the condition of a tooth. Once the treatment is finished, you’ll be back to eating and smiling, all without pain or discomfort.

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